Major Medical Health Insurance

Major medical health insurance is a type of health insurance that covers the expenses associated with serious illness or hospitalization. Major medical health insurance is the terminology that was historically used to describe comprehensive health plans that covered most necessary care.

Major medical health insurance plans are the type of insurance people are referring to when they talk about typical health insurance coverage. These plans comply with the ACA’s regulations for qualifying health plans. They offer the ten essential benefits:

  • hospitalization
  • outpatient procedures (also called ambulatory care)
  • preventive care like check ups and immunizations
  • prescription medicine
  • mental health and addiction counseling
  • laboratory services
  • emergency services
  • pediatric services

There is open enrollment once a year which usually starts November 1st. and ends December 15th.  This is the time anyone can apply for a major medical plan that is not through an employer.  Also if you qualify for a special enrollment period ( lost of other ACA compliant coverage in the last 60 days due to a situation beyond your control like medicaid or employer coverage) you can qualify for an ACA plan at that time.

Contact us today to get expert advice about which individual health insurance option is best for you or your family members. If you think you may qualify for a special enrollment period contact us today. You only have 60 days to enroll in a ACA plan during a special enrollment period. We will answer your questions, review your options and complete your marketplace application.

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