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Please be advised these links are here to help you get an idea of costs and plans. You can use these links to review options and complete an online application and enroll. However it is best to speak with an SVJ Insurance Agent before you enroll to be sure you are choosing the best plan for your situation.  Many plans have limitations  and you should be aware of the limitations before you enroll.  Also many plans have underwriting.  We know the underwriting stipulations and can tell you your chances of qualifying for a plan before you apply.

SVJ Insurance Advisors Inc.  does not guarantee any coverage.  SVJ Insurance Advisors.  does not guarantee any benefits of  coverage or that claims will to be paid. All claims and benefits are subject to the carrier’s approval. We are not the insurance company.

By using the links below to quote you understand that plan benefits reviewed are not a complete description of coverage and may vary by state and specific medical circumstances. You understand and agree to thoroughly review your benefits and contact the plan provider for further clarification of
coverage before receiving care.




Short-Term Plans ( 30 days-12 months coverage)

( Please note these plans have a 5 day waiting period before they will cover sickness)


Affordable Care Act Plans


PA 2021 Affordable Care Act plan shopping link coming soon or contact us directly  484-202-7352



( Health shares are not insurance. Please review the plans closely and feel free to call us with questions)

Dental/Vision/ Critical Illness/ Accident/ Hospital Indemnity & More