Dental & Vision

It’s common for people to secure health insurance and neglect dental insurance. But since oral health is a significant indicator of general health, it’s important to take care of those teeth. Plus, dental work can be very expensive, especially if you need major work done, so dental insurance can save you a lot of money in the long run.

We have multiple options to meet your budget. We can cover an individual or an entire family. We will make sure your dentist is in the network or get you a PPO plan that can be used with any dentist. Let our health you get enrolled in a great option to meet your needs. Contact us today.

Hospital Indemnity Insurance

Hospital Indemnity insurance, also called Hospitalization insurance or Hospital insurance, is a plan that pays you benefits when you are confined to a hospital, whether for planned or unplanned reasons, or for other medical services, depending on the policy.

Why Hospital Insurance?

Hospital stays can strain even the healthiest of budgets. And in many cases, you can’t ignore the care you need even if it pushes you financially. Hospital Indemnity insurance plans provide payment for each day spent in the hospital, and for some other qualified expenses as well. That’s money you can use as you choose, whether for hospital bills or those other costs that come up while you’re recovering.

Should I get hospital indemnity?

It depends on out of pocket risk: Hospital indemnity insurance can help protect you and your family from the high out-of-pocket costs of hospital stays. … Out-of-network hospital costs. Everyday bills and expenses when you’re unable to work.

Contact us to learn more. We have a number of different carrier options to fit your budget.

Accident and Critical Illness

Accident and critical illness coverage protect you and your family from costs resulting from emergencies and unexpected illnesses. These plans act as an additional layer of protection and help with expenses that your health insurance may not cover, including deductibles and coinsurance.

An accident or critical illness plan can help you protect your savings by paying you directly for qualifying accidents or diagnoses. You can then use that money to help cover the deductible under your health insurance plan. Some plans pay directly to you and others pay directly to the hospital or doctors. Either way it is help that can reduce your financial risk in an unexpected accident or critical illness like cancer, heart attack, stroke or major organ transplant.

If you are interested in a plan like this to protect you and/or your family contact us today for a no obligation price quote or enroll.